What is Natural Medicine Therapy? It is a very detailed system of healing based on stimulating the body’s innate healing power. homeopathy medicines

Homeopathy is a type of natural therapy. It is a very detailed system of healing based on stimulating the body’s innate healing power so that all physiological systems function at their best. As we move toward our optimal level of general health, we feel better. As the body’s immune system or defenses strengthen, symptoms improve.

The homeopathic remedy does not directly treat a symptom or condition, rather it helps to initiate the process by which the person heals themselves and therefore enables the body to restore/return to a healthy balance and a sense of well being. Since homeopathy is used to assist people rather than to treat illness, anyone can benefit from homeopathic care.

Homeopathy is about getting you out of pain and discomfort by boosting your immune system and helping your body to heal itself. To understand your current and past symptoms I need to evaluate your total state of illness, your current level of health and vitality and your emotional well-being.

The consultation is as long as it takes me to get a clear picture. Next I spend time studying and researching your case to arrive at the best remedy to get you out of pain, off medications (all or some) and back on track to true healing. You will then receive the remedy in the mail with complete instructions. All this is included in the per appointment consultation fee.


We will meet in person in my office and figure out together what is the best way to get you out of pain without the use of drugs, and to get you off as many medications as possible.

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The first consultation is usually scheduled for 2 hours. The first follow-up is scheduled around three weeks after you receive and take the remedy. Then follow-ups are scheduled every 2 months in the beginning and then every 3-6 months.

Individual results vary and it may take more than one interview and more than one homeopathic remedy before an effect is seen. I recommend that you consider giving homeopathy a minimum of six months.

The fee per appointment also includes the ability to email me for quick questions. I try to return your messages within 24 hours.
There is an additional fee for acute calls or emails.

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